Friday, March 20, 2009

The Theology of Wonder Woman

In Genesis 2:18 God made the first reference to woman by calling her a "helper." Helping others, perhaps especially men, is part of our Divine Purpose. We were created for it ... wired to do it ... can't help but help. It's who we are.

I found some interesting facts recently that seem appropriate to insert here. The following are some items invented by women in America:
  • The circular saw (1812) - take that Tim "the tool man" Taylor!
  • The life raft (1882)
  • The fire escape (1887)
  • The windshield wiper (1903)
  • Correction fluid (1951)
Other than the circular saw, do you see a pattern here? Look at all these amazing "HELPS" women have invented! I bet there is a wonderfully hilarious story about each mess someone got themselves into which called for each invention! "Necessity is the ___________ of invention?" The MOTHER! Coincidence? I don't think so!

Now please don't misunderstand ... this is not a male-bashing blog entry. We need men as much as men need us. We were created to be partners. The reason this is all running around in my head these days is because I've realized what a GIFT it is to be a female called to the military chaplaincy. In many ways it feels ludicrous. I joked with someone the other day that I seem to have the same conversation with God almost daily. It goes something like this:



"Um, I was just wondering if you were sure about this whole chaplaincy thing ... "

"I'm sure."

"I mean, because, it's kinda crazy. ME!?! In the military!?!"

"I know. But I'm sure."

"Ok, just checking."
He has to laugh at me regularly. But here's my point. Maybe, it is actually to my ADVANTAGE to be a female as a chaplain. Maybe just maybe, God has designed me in unique ways to "help" soldiers that is different than the ways male chaplains can help. (Not better, just different.)

Just a thought.

By the way, here is a picture of the other women I met recently at the FIRST Army Female Chaplains Conference I was fortunate enough to attend. My deepest respect and highest regard for these women who dared to allow God's supernatural strength to empower them to the high calling of military chaplaincy. Thanks for blazing the trail I now tread upon!

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