Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 76 and Day 1 - Roughing it is relative

Day 76 of the running streak ...
Day 1 of my final stretch back at Ft. Jackson ...

Well today I arrived back at Ft. Jackson, and in preparing for that I sent out the mailing address for while I am here. (Thank you all you faithful mailers!) And for the second time in a row, my housing is off post in a hotel. You may recall the swanky digs I had last time at the Staybridge. Unfortunately said swanky digs may have ruined me for Army life forever. Here's how I know ...

When I arrived today, I was appalled ...
  • that my room didn't have a separate living room.
  • by the absence of a kitchen much less one with granite counters. (Will I really be expected to survive with only a dorm fridge and a microwave??)
  • that there's no DVD player anywhere in sight.
  • that there are no free dinners catered by area restaurants.
  • that the hotel is not preparing special brown bag breakfasts for us hard-working soldiers who will leave too early to enjoy the hotel's morning buffet.
  • that I will actually have to pay to use the laundry facilities.
What is this world coming to!!?!?

But then I was reminded of the absurdity of such complaints when my friend, Kristi replied to my mailing address by simply saying, "Hotel? The Army has changed." Oh yeah. I'm in the Army. Guess I should shut up with the complaining and get some sleep in this comfortable King-sized bed.

So my first lesson of CH-BOLC Phase 3?
"Roughing it" is relative.

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