Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 81: No S'mores in the Army

Today is Day 81 of the running streak, but many miles still to go.

This journey has already seen a number of accomplishments and red letter days. Last Friday I passed my PT test ... this is the one that I had to pass in order to graduate from Ft. Jackson in good standing. To have that behind me is huge. But there is much more still ahead.

Tomorrow our entire class departs at the crack of crack via a 5.5 mile ruck march to spend 4 days out in the field. This is where all of our training comes to a head. And just in case we had the idea that this would be a glorified camping trip, we were reminded today that there will be no s'mores. No, there will be no bonfires or s'mores, no card playing or singing. These 4 days are where we have the opportunity to put all we've learned to the test. Instead of cards, mass casualties. Instead of singing, memorial services. Instead of campfires, middle of the night mortar blasts.

No fishing.
No canoeing.
No s'mores.
And very little sleep.

Please be praying for us over the next few days. Pray for stamina, clarity, wisdom, passion, and a good healthy dose of patience. (4 days with each other 24/7 will be a bit trying especially considering how fried everyone is at this point in the course.)

Oh, and odd as this sounds, please pray for me to figure out how to squeeze in a run each day while out in the field. This could prove to be extremely difficult with all that will be going on.

I look forward to following up after we return. No doubt there will be stories to tell and pictures to post. And one more HUGE hurdle behind me.

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