Monday, October 19, 2009

CH-BOLC Phase 1 Week 2

Well, Week 2 is off and running ... but alas, I am not.

Upon my platoon leader's recommendation, I went to the clinic today to continue the medical investigations my doctor started in Birmingham to diagnose my breathing problems. The assumption is that it is just exercise induced asthma, but as of yet that has not been confirmed. Until the medical staff here can review my doctor's records, I have been stricken from doing any PT or training. I know, I know ... I can hear your collective voices saying, "Awww, what a shame!" But no one wants to be the one sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is "playing."

I go back in for follow up on Friday. Hopefully I will regain some of my exercise privileges back. (Yes, I said "privileges." Think I'm off base by calling them that? Just ask someone wheelchair bound.)

In the meantime, I have very mixed emotions. This verdict will keep me from doing one of the tasks I was most anxious about during my time here. Of course part of me is releaved. The other part feels like I got the easy way out. I guess God's desire is for us to be willing to do whatever, to trust Him even when the task is too big or difficult to comprehend. But maybe sometimes just being willing is enough. After all, God is a God of grace ... grace to handle all life throws at us. But He is also a God of mercy.

Grace or mercy. It matters not to me. All I know is He will always be everything I need.

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